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the rise of SHE.E.O: MEET the founders

Updated: Mar 20

In a world where dreams seem distant and opportunities limited, two extraordinary women joined forces to blaze a trail of empowerment and transformation.

Rachel Medina and Daneen San Pedro, the visionary of SHE.EO, embarked on a journey that would redefine success for women everywhere.

Rachel Medina, a creative force with an insatiable drive, had a burning desire to shatter the glass ceilings that held back countless aspiring female entrepreneurs. Armed with a flair for innovation and an unbreakable spirit, she wanted to create a platform that nurtured dreams and channeled ambitions into reality.

Enter Daneen San Pedro, Rachels right hand partner in business, a strategic powerhouse with a heart that beats to the rhythm of female empowerment. Recognizing the urgent need for a community that uplifts and unites women in business, Daneen joined Rachel to turn their shared vision into a resounding reality.

Their vision was forged in passion, dedication, and an unyielding belief in the boundless potential of women. With combined forces, Rachel and Daneen set out to create SHE.EO — an empire built on the unwavering principle that every woman has the right to rise, to lead, and to thrive.

From late-night brainstorming sessions to relentless planning, Rachel and Daneen meticulously crafted SHE.EO's foundation. Their mission was clear: to provide a nurturing space where women could access resources, guidance, and a tribe of women who champion their goals.

Through sheer determination, they transformed obstacles into stepping stones, and challenges into catalysts for growth. The SHE.EO empire flourished, an embodiment of their shared belief that women deserved a space where their dreams could be nurtured, their voices amplified, and their potential unleashed.

Today, Rachel Medina and Daneen San Pedro stand as icons of empowerment, their journey an example of what is possible. Their story is a reminder that when two fierce women merge with purpose, an empire of dreams is born.

Join Rachel and Daneen as they continue to pave the way for women to build their own empires, one empowered step at a time.


"SHE.E.O began with a vision of taking all we have learned on our entrepreneurial journey and sharing the valuable lessons with women and moms everywhere so that they can explore what's possible for themselves. Today, SHE's avaibale in 2 languages and has attracted some of the most inspirational guest experts, and a community of ordinary women ready to build extraordinary lives one business idea at a time!"

“SHE.E.O is a multimedia platform spotlighting and supporting women in business through the SHEEO newsletter, SHEEO podcast, SHEEO business building courses, and the SHE.E.O membership community accessible at

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