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Updated: Mar 20

Although Rachel is most known for creating the grass roots Houzz competitor - JustHome, in Southern California; Today, Rachel Medina is the Founder and CEO of RM101 Media Group, a digital media company designed to bring wealth building women together, who share a common goal of becoming SHE,E00,000's! [pronounced SHE.E.O ] The 9 figure slogan is inspired by Rachel's vision of creating a community and space where women of all ages, backgrounds, and experience, can learn, share, and be encouraged to believe that there are no limits to a woman's earning potential. In addition, the SHE.E.O membership community provides access to valuable business resources that will put each member steps closer to entrepreneurship and thriving in the SHEconomy!

Rachel has been involved in building businesses for others over the years, and it was her victory with JustHome that ignited a deep desire to help single moms and women everywhere realize that they to can create success from home with strong coffee, strong WiFi and strong faith!

In 2019 Rachel decided to share lessons she learned in life and business by hosting the Rachel Unpacked podcast, a lifestyle show for women focusing on positive mindset, business building and home based entrepreneurship through faith. With the global pandemic of 2020, working women everywhere were introduced to the work from home landscape. This propelled the Rachel Unpacked podcast to top 5 on feedspot ranked by women wanting to learn how to tap into the laptop lifestyle and home based entrepreneurship the locked downs had fueled.

Over the years, Rachel has lent her experience and her team's incredible talents to those closest to her who also aspire to launch businesses and brands of their very own. In doing so, Rachel and her team have become even more confident in their abilities and the power their team culture and synergy truly has. This dream team has aided in the co-creation of brands such as GoGirl Magazine, ChainXChange, MKG Beacons, and Carportunities. Rachel aims to give all aspiring SHE.E.O 's access to these same winning tools and business building frameworks by creating easily accessible business resources that women from all backgrounds can afford to learn from at their own pace.

In addition to building businesses, Rachel has had the opportunity to share her story speaking engagements in places such as Women's Leadership Conferences, Business Conferences, television segments, podcast guest segments, editorial features, masterminds, teleconferences, and more.

Rachel aspires to encourage others to design a clear vision for their own lives and believe that if they leap towards their dreams - a net will surly appear.

MEDIA: Rachel Medina has been featured as a keynote speaker at the 11th Annual Women's Leadership Conference, Rise Up For You Global Telesummit, Mujeres Sin Limites Latina Conference, Mujeres Que Brillan Latina luncheon, I Am Her Women's Conference, and in SHOUTOUT MAGAZINE Canvas Rebel Magazine, StartEmpire Wire Show, SDvoyager Magazine, and on TV segments including, Get It Girl - LATV, Pinkcafe - LATV, Rompiendo El Silencio - Televisa, The Brunch Club webcast, CNN headline news, Dr. Marissa Pei Show, University Of Irvine ANTrepreneur Podcast ]

“SHE.E.O is a multimedia platform spotlighting and supporting women in business through the SHEEO newsletter, SHEEO podcast, SHEEO business building courses, and the SHE.E.O membership community accessible at

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