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Meet Jackie Hernandez, VP of SHE.E.O Latina,

An inspiring Latina entrepreneur who has taken the cosmetics industry by storm. Her journey began when she immigrated from Mexico to the US, aiming to adjust to her new life. Starting with jobs as a waitress and busgirl, Jackie's passion for makeup led her to take cosmetology classes, a space that felt like home to her.

As her interest in makeup grew, Jackie decided to share her knowledge by uploading tutorials on YouTube. Little did she know that her follower count would skyrocket, reaching over 2 million subscribers! Through her bilingual videos in Spanish and English, she created an inclusive and welcoming community for viewers eager to learn about cosmetics.

The desire to create her own long-term challenge beyond YouTube sparked the idea of launching her makeup line, J’dez. By self-funding the venture, she became the first Latina YouTuber to have her own cosmetics brand. Jackie's journey is an embodiment of believing in oneself and empowering others to do the same.

Her success as an influencer and entrepreneur was not part of a grand plan but rather a result of her passion and consistent content creation. Jackie's initial strategy was to educate and entertain through makeup tutorials, but she adapted to the changing landscape of social media, keeping her audience engaged and growing her brand.

Being bilingual and speaking both English and Spanish in her videos has been a strategic advantage for Jackie. It allowed her to connect with diverse audiences and open doors for future opportunities. The desire to be inclusive extends to her makeup brand, where she aims to cater to diverse consumers and provide options for everyone.

One of the significant challenges Jackie faced as a female Latina entrepreneur was the initial funding for her brand. However, she remained determined and self-funded J’dez, driven by her belief in herself and her brand's potential. She also addresses the importance of cruelty-free products, as she values animals and refuses to support unnecessary suffering in the cosmetics industry.

With her brand's success, Jackie plans to explore partnerships with retail outlets, expanding J’dez Beauty's reach. She envisions a bright future for her brand, driven by hard work and dedication.

Jackie Hernandez's journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and embracing change in the dynamic world of social media and entrepreneurship. Her story serves as an inspiration for women everywhere, proving that with belief in oneself, anything is possible. You can learn more about her incredible journey and experiences on the Rachel Unpacked Podcast, where she shares her wisdom and unsolicited advice for aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs alike.


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