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Updated: Mar 20

Emily Frisella is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur, she knows firsthand the rise & fall of business, the grit, determination, defeat, joys and triumphs that come with the title "Entrepreneur". Every one has to start somewhere and some start sooner rather than later, Emily worked 2 jobs starting at the age of 14. She saved money to buy her first home at age 19 and open her first brick & mortar business at age 20. She purchased land & a building and she opened a luxury gift boutique, flower shop, wedding & tuxedo rental company. She has stood the test of time and has proven that it can be done both ways. Brick and Morter and in the Digital Space. She proves that you can be do and have it all.

She sold her business and moved to St. Louis, where she founded The Paper & Plan Co; she has published 2 of Amazon's best-selling cookbooks, The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen and The Saints Plate & The Sinners Dinner Cookbook. Remember, if Emily can, so can you. It may not be easy, but it is worth it. Emily is a Chef, Co-host of the Curious Me Podcast, Founder of The Women in Business Workshop, COO of 44Seven Media, and Business Coach & Speaker. We love all things, Emily Frisella. Like us, she has a passion for helping others with the "real world". Emily's ongoing mission is helping women.

Help women reach their potential. She is empowering them to lead in their personal & professional lives through self-development and fitness.


In This Episode: Business building powerhouse, Emily Frisella - joins the host Rachel Medina to share her entrepreneurial journey & how to be a woman with many business ideas & thrive!

Helping Women Build Businesses They Love While Unpacking Their Inner SHE.E.O & SHE.E.O Latina !


“SHE.E.O is a multimedia platform spotlighting and supporting women in business through the SHEEO newsletter, SHEEO podcast, SHEEO business building courses, and the SHE.E.O membership community accessible at

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