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Let’s Get Delulu!

Updated: Mar 18

Buckle Up Buttercup!! We are going full DELULU over here! Grab a highlighter, because this is gonna be a game changer.

Lets get right into it... A Vision Board is the first order of business! This will be your progress report for your future. Think in terms of Measurement equals Results and Action equals Miracles.

But first you need a road map to where you want to go! You need a base line for where you are and then your standards line for where you want to go.

Since we are well into 2024, it's crucial that we hold the vision, so many have already fallen off the bandwagon for the new year new me. So ladies, we need to not just dream but to turn those dreams into reality through ACTION.

For starters you need to get INTENTIONAL! If you feel lost and don't quite know where to start you'll need to make sure you get a copy of the Intentions Work Book HERE, this work book guides you through 12 areas in your life, in this processes you will evaluate each area and reflect on areas you want to improve on. In order for all of this to work you have to be extremely honest with yourself about what your heart truly desires and what boundaries need to be put in place, you are in charge and the creator of your destiny! It's time to start curating each piece of your life as you want it. Doing this exercise first will allow you to discover your higher self and the next level of your life, this with the power of manifestation, visualization, and prayer is beyond transformative. Coupled with purposeful steps in the right direction, the you results are going to be truly magical.

In this blog post, we dive into the art of creating a Vision Board that will ultimately propel you into your future aspirations and reveal the magic you have been waiting for.

The Woo Woo and the Action

Sure, the woo woo stuff is great – vision boards, visualizations, and prayers can create a powerful energy. However, they are mere catalysts for action. Your dreams won't come to fruition without you taking those essential steps towards them.

Imagine your future self urging you to act, to grab the opportunities that align with your desires.

Crafting Your Vision

Get creative! Envision your goals as if they're already achieved. Cut out images that represent your aspirations and paste them onto your board. Whether it's a picture of you speaking at a conference, a snapshot of a bestselling book with your name on it, or an image of a dream destination, make it vivid. Add your face onto those pictures – make it personal. Your vision board is a reflection of your dreams, your road map to the future.

Praying Over Your Vision

Incorporate a spiritual element into your journey. Take a moment each day to pray over your vision board. Connect with your higher self, seek guidance, and express gratitude for the achievements yet to come. This practice can infuse your actions with a sense of purpose and guidance.

Creating a Vibeful Future

Colors, cars, flowers – let your imagination run wild! What colors represent the energy of your goals? What car will you be driving as you reach new heights? What flowers symbolize the bloom of success? Infuse these elements into your vision board and let them set the tone for your vibrant future.

Focusing on Desired Outcomes

What are you already moving towards? Channel your energy into these areas. If you're working towards career milestones, focus on professional images. If love and relationships are your goal, include symbols of unity and connection. Align your vision board with your current pursuits to amplify your actions.

Embracing Miracle Outcomes

Invite the miraculous into your life. Add elements that seem almost too extraordinary to happen naturally. Meeting Oprah, securing unexpected opportunities – let your board hold space for miracles. Believe that the universe has plans beyond your imagination, and be open to receiving the extraordinary.

In 2024, let your vision board be more than just a collection of wishes.

Turn it into a progress report from your future self – a testament to the actions you've taken and the miracles you've embraced.

This year, empower yourself to not only dream but to manifest, and watch as your aspirations transform into reality. The future is yours for the making!


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Debbie Warnock
Debbie Warnock

I have my copy of Intensions…Let’s go !!

Ready to create a vision of my future.

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