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Updated: Mar 20

When embarking on the journey of starting a business, ANY business, there is no shortage of great information out there, especially in the land of the world wide web.

With YouTube, Google, and an abundance of Inexpensive courses, you run the chance of spending more time getting lost than actually finding what you need to know.

The beginning of starting a business is a very confusing place to be because you don't even know what you don't know.

But, even as your business grows, it becomes harder and harder to find the things you need to know and the people who are more successful than you are to learn from.

Finding communities where the conversations go beyond the basics is also more challenging.

And you can start to feel lonely, a little crazy, and stagnant.

That's why we created the SHE.E.O

We wanted to bring together female entrepreneurs who are just starting out in their journey and leaders in industries who have already experienced a certain level of success together.


Because we need to have a hand up from where we currently are, and we need examples of what is possible at every level.

The thing you know, someone else may not. As insignificant as you think it is, it could be the one thing that gets other women further faster.

To learn from one another.

To support one another.

A coaching group or mastermind are great!

We love those and have those.

But they aren't designed to grow your network.

They are designed to get you a specific result.

If you've been OVER all of the basic conversations happening in most online spaces and are craving MORE...

The SHE.E.O is where you need to be.


Unpack Your Inner SHE,E00,000 and build a home-based business YOU LOVE! Rachel Medina is an Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Christian, Mom and ordinary woman helping ladies like you unpack their extraordinary purpose! Whether you’ve already launched your business, or are still at the dream building stage, Rachel provides guidance, encouragement & shares the steps that will help get you further - faster!


“SHE.E.O is a multimedia platform spotlighting and supporting women in business through the SHEEO newsletter, SHEEO podcast, SHEEO business building courses, and the SHE.E.O membership community accessible at

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