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Being Organized is a Superpower ✨

Updated: Mar 20

If you have followed us for a while, you know that Rachel created a business built to 7 figures in the first year in business starting in 2015.

To say she learned a lot is a massive understatement- there were lots of challenges during the process.

That's just a part of entrepreneurship. You trip- fall down- then get back up and try again, but not being able to find your passwords should not have to be.

If you work within a company, especially a company based online, or you work from home, you know there is much to remember.

From scheduling posts to the newsletter, showing up for lives, replying to endless emails, and then there is remembering passwords, logins, and email addresses.

Being organized is a true SUPERPOWER!

That was the inspiration behind the Shhh..... Password Keeper. It seems simple, but being organized gives you a sense of peace in the world.

Well, at least it does for us. lol

Organization is a superpower. Being able to have just what you need in a time of panic, like when you accidentally get logged out of something, like your online bank account or work email. And you start randomly typing the last five passwords you think you used, only to find out that you have locked yourself out...

Now you have to call the customer service line to get logged back in when in reality, this super simple hic-up that didn't have to turn into an all-day fiasco of frustration because you know you should know what your darn password was, to begin with.

Well, that is why we wanted to save you the headache and give you the perfect-sized password keeper, big enough you will be able to read your writing but small enough that you could take it just about anywhere.

Being organized is the key to success in your everyday life and creates a ripple effect.

Keeping all your passwords in an adorable notebook is more than a great idea!

Being organized can really make your life better! Here are three reasons why:

  1. You'll save time: When you have everything in its place, you won't waste time looking for things you need. You'll know right where they are!

  2. You'll feel less stressed: When your things are organized, you won't have to worry about losing important things or forgetting things you need to do. You'll feel less stressed and more in control.

  3. You'll be more productive: When you're organized, you can focus on what you need to do instead of wasting time searching for things. This means you'll be able to get more done and be more productive!

Having something like the Shhhh..... Password keeper is the simplest and easiest way to keep all your passwords organized.

God knows we love technology, but sometimes bringing things back to the basics is the best.

Plus, it's just one less thing for you to worry about!


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