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Updated: Mar 20

Ready to conquer the world with your unstoppable drive and brilliant ideas? Starting a business is your chance to shine brighter than ever, and we've got the inside scoop on the 8 absolute must-haves to rock your journey.

So grab that coffee, put on your power lipstick, and let's dive in!

  1. 1. Vision that Ignites Flames: You're not just starting a business; you're igniting a movement. Craft a clear and audacious vision that sets your soul on fire. When you believe in it wholeheartedly, others will too.

2. Fearless Self-Confidence: Embrace your inner confidence like the fiercest version of yourself. Doubt? Nah, not in your vocabulary! You've got this, and your confidence will magnetize opportunities and people who align with your brilliance.

3. Grit of a Warrior: Challenges will come, but you're not backing down. Show that grit and resilience, because every setback is a set-up for an even greater comeback. Those late nights? Just stepping stones to your shining success.

4. Squad of Trailblazers: Surround yourself with a tribe that elevates you. Connect with mentors, fellow entrepreneurs, and anyone who brings positive vibes to your table. Together, you'll rise higher and inspire one another to reach new heights.

5. Strategic Game Plan: Your dreams need a roadmap, ladies Craft a rock-solid business plan that charts your course. Know your target audience, define your unique value, and strategize how you'll reach the stars you're aiming for.

6. Passion-Powered Patience: Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is your empire. Stay patient, but keep that fire burning. Let passion fuel your persistence as you work tirelessly toward your goals.

7. Unapologetic Innovation: Break molds, challenge norms, and create your lane. Innovation is your secret weapon. Stay curious, open-minded, and unafraid to disrupt the status quo. Your unique ideas are the magic that will set you apart.

8. Balance like a Ballerina: You're not just a boss, but a whole person with a life to live. Balance is key – honor your health, relationships, and well-being. When you're at your best, your business will thrive even more.

So there you have it, the ultimate checklist for your SHE.E.O journey. Embrace your brilliance, channel your inner Sara Blakely, and conquer every hurdle like the trailblazer you are. The world is waiting for your magic – now go show 'em what you're made of!

To your unstoppable success!



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SHE.E.O is a Vibe! She's a mindset! She's a boss! She's a go-getter! She's a leader! She's an ordinary woman who believes she can do extraordinary things! She surrounds herself with other SHE.E.O's! She invests in herself and her personal growth! She isn't afraid to share her ideas! She isn't where she wants to be, but she's on her way to being so much further ahead than she once was! She's a work in progress - and She OWNS IT!


Unpack Your Inner SHE,E00,000 and build a home-based business YOU LOVE! Rachel Medina is an Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Christian, Mom and ordinary woman helping ladies like you unpack their extraordinary purpose! Whether you’ve already launched your business, or are still at the dream building stage, Rachel provides guidance, encouragement & shares the steps that will help get you further - faster!

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